Redesigning Viamo’s Login, Sign-Up and Onboarding process

Ehioze Godspower Ebiowei
4 min readJan 27, 2023

As a product designer at Viamo, I was tasked with redesigning the login, signup, and onboarding processes for our internal users.

Background Viamo is a company that helps hard-to-reach communities get access to vital information through its Viamo platform.

Goal — The company was looking at redesigning the way internal users login, sign up, and onboarding of our external partners. Our internal users were having a tedious and time-consuming process when creating their accounts. This was taking away valuable time that could be spent on other important tasks and also affecting productivity and overall user satisfaction.

Outcome — I successfully met the team’s objective of enhancing the user experience for our login and sign-up pages. During user testing with internal users, the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. This was a significant accomplishment for me, as reducing the time internal users spend on creating and logging in enabled them to focus on more critical tasks.

My Role — I was the designer assigned to this task by a product manager. I was assigned this task on Jira and collaborated with a product manager in completing this task.

Process — After being assigned this ticket, my initial steps were to meet with the product manager to clarify any questions or concerns I had about the task. Through this session, I was able to obtain the necessary information and answers. Next, I conducted user interviews with internal users to understand their current process, identify pain points, and determine solutions.

From my interview session, I was able to see and understand how our users carry out these activities, and from my user research, I started redesigning the experience. Because I no longer work at Viamo, I don’t have screenshots of the login, sign-up, and onboarding pages before my redesign.

After creating initial designs, I constructed a clickable prototype using Figma and arranged a review session with the product manager and other project stakeholders. Feedback from the session was positive regarding the design direction, but some changes were requested by the executive team. Based on research indicating that most internal users utilize the “login with Google” option when accessing the Viamo platform, we decided to remove other login options and only retain this option. Additionally, I received feedback and incorporated changes from my lead designer.

After finalizing the design and incorporating changes, I conducted a user testing session with internal users to evaluate the effectiveness of my design solution in addressing their previous pain points. During the testing, I focused on determining if the design allowed for faster login and account creation, if it improved overall ease of use, and how it compared to the previous process. Users provided positive feedback, stating that the process was more straightforward and that they enjoyed the new experience.

As I am writing this case study after my time working at Viamo, I no longer have access to these files or the clickable prototype to share.

Impact —I was able to measure the impact of my redesign by conducting user testing sessions. The results showed that our users spent 80% less time creating accounts and logging in compared to our former process. This improvement not only saved users valuable time but also positively impacted their well-being. User interviews revealed a marked improvement in the overall user experience, with users reporting a smooth and easy process, in contrast to their previous frustration with the old system. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of the design changes we implemented. Additionally, onboarding external users also became more efficient with the new design, as we reported an increase in partnerships when compared to our previous design and process. This highlights the effectiveness of the redesign in not only improving the user experience but also achieving our business goals.

Conclusion and Learnings — The project was crucial for the company, particularly with regard to the onboarding process for our partners. During the course of the project, I gained valuable experience in conducting user testing and interviews with internal users, leading review sessions with stakeholders, and seeking feedback from lead designers within the company. This experience has provided me with a deep understanding of how to conduct user research, gather feedback, and use it to improve designs. I have also learned the importance of collaborating with product managers early on in the design process to fully understand the problem and develop effective solutions. This approach helped to ensure that the design met the needs of both users and the business, leading to a more successful outcome for the project, particularly in terms of onboarding partners.